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Best Music Blog | Groove Detector

Groove Detector

Today I have a recommendation for a new music blog! I’m really excited about it because my friend Nir Shaul is behind this amazing website πŸ™‚ it is call Groove Detector (such a cool name, right!?)- Click here to check it out!

Groove detector gives you music recommendations from the hip hop and rap culture. Most of the music is by great artists who are non-mainstream so you will probably not find them easily by yourself, but this is why the groove detector is here for!

Groove Detector
Groove Detector

This website is beautifully designed (which you all know how important that is!) and very easy to use. You can listen to the music suggestions by songs via YouTube or by streaming albums via soundcloud. Nir even gather the best for you all in one place so you can mix different artist and discover new music.

I find that hip hop music motivate me, and rap music is like my ACTION music! If I need to start a new project, clean my house, organize my studio, plan my month schedule etc. I go to Groove Detector for music suggestions. Nir gives so many different music variations, so even if you think you don’t like hip hop or rap music you should give this website a try!

Leaving you with my favorite best YouTube recommendation



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