5 Things You Need To Know On Shoes Embroidery

5 Things You Need To Know On Shoes Embroidery

This project started like any other project. I had an idea, I gathered all the materials, drew a cute pattern and got to work. BUT so many things happened along the way that made me realize that stitching on shoes is hard! But know that I know all that, the next time will be super easy, so watch the video to learn from my mistakes. And if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel than you must! 🙂

1. Choose the pattern according to the shoe

There are a lot of embroidery patterns out there but most of the are good for a regular circled hoop. You will need to find a free formed pattern like something abstract or a pattern you can only copy parts of. I made you this tropical pattern which I’m in love with and you will probably see more it! But the greatest thing about it is that I made it into special shapes that will fit all kinds of shoes! You can find it here.

2. Study the shoe before stitching

That’s such an important one! I bought those shoes online and drew the pattern before I got them. Only after they arrived I understood that Stitching the design I prepared might be difficult, and man IT WAS! I explain why in the video so you should watch it, but I will tell you that even if you want to stich on a shoe you had for years, check it before you begin. Some parts can be hard to stitch on, but if you avoid them and choose the right pattern for your shoes- it will be so much fun!

3. Options to transfer the pattern

I tried a few options to transfer the pattern to the shoe, because 2 of them didn’t worked! Make sure you get cotton fabric shoes because I think the reason the first 2 didn’t worked is because it was synthetic fabric, or they put something on the shoes to resist water. I don’t know.. But here are the things I did to transfer pattern to shoes, and I explain how to use each one in the video:

  1. Iron transfer pen
  2. carbon copy sheet
  3. water fusible interfacing

4. Have multiple needles ready

Because stitching on a shoe is not your regular circled fabric surface, a few options of stitching material could be handy. I didn’t thought I will add a plier to that list (you will see that on the video haha) but also few different kinds of needles will be great.

5. How to make adjustments to the pattern

That’s the real issue with shoes.. they come in all kinds of sizes and shapes and you might need to make a few adjustments to the design to fit your shoe. Don’t worry I got you covered! In my pattern you will find a few options of this tropical pattern in different shapes to fit most shoes. And also watch the video for a good explanation about how to modify the design.

Hope you will give this a try! Let me know if you did!


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