Air Balloon Embroidery Tutorial

I am so happy to share with you another embroidery kit for beginners that comes with pre-painted fabric! The first one was the tree house embroidery kit and today I’m launching 2 styles of the air balloon embroidery design!

This embroidery kit is great for beginners because the pattern already have colors so you don’t need to fill the shapes with satin stitch (unless you want to of course, it is optional), you just need to stitch the outline with back stitch and the embroidery will look amazing!

Rainbow Air Balloon Embroidery Kit
Rainbow Air Balloon Embroidery Kit

This is a perfect project for a craft night or a weekend project, because it is such an easy embroidery kit. I would also suggest this kit as an embroidery kit for kids. The stitch is very simple to follow and they can finish it in couple of times, you don’t have to complete it in one time.

Video Tutorial

I really recommend you to watch this video tutorial! I will explain more about the kit and about the stitch guide in the video.

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What is in the kit?

In the embroidery kit you will get everything you need to start this project, such us:

– Wooden embroidery hoop 7″/ 17 inch/cm diameter
– Illustrated Linen fabric
– Embroidery needle
– Cotton thread
– Cover bag
– Illustrated stitch guide and instructions
– Video tutorials at my YouTube channel!

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Vintage Air Balloon Embroidery Kit
Vintage Air Balloon Embroidery Kit

Vintage Air Balloon Embroidery Kit
Vintage Air Balloon Embroidery Kit

Can I download this embroidery design as PDF pattern?

Yes! You can order the air balloon embroidery design as a PDF embroidery pattern and immediately download it to your computer and print the pattern. You can see how I transfer patterns to fabric in the post I wrote about it and watch the video tutorial. However, know that the colored fabric comes only when you order a kit, the PDF pattern will be black and white.

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What is back stitch?

Every beginner to embroidery should learn this simple stitch. It is mostly used for outlining shapes and to embroider letters. Check out my 6 basic embroidery stitches for beginners!

How to back stitch?

First, you do a simple stitch, just going up with your needle throw the fabric and then go back down about ½ inch forward. Now you will do the opposite, first take a step forward and the go up with the needle throw the fabric, then go back down from the last stitch ended. This is way is it called backstitch 🙂 you go a step forward and then a step back each time which will create a continuous line.

Hand Embroidery Tutorial
Hand Embroidery Tutorial

If you have any other questions please contact me at, you can also reach out to me on my Instagram @tatasolstudio and of course leave a comment right here below the post.

Thank you so much and let me know if you like this design!


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