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Best embroidery supplies 2021

You guys know that I love embroidery, but I also stitch so much it is sometimes hard to keep up with all my projects! But whether you stitch for personal projects or own a small embroidery business, some embroidery gadgets could really help you to stitch more accurate and do it with ease.

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Needle minder

A needle minder is a great addition to your work flow. It usually has 2 magnets you can apply from each sides of the fabric, and as you embroider you can lay your needle on the top part and the needle will stay there because of the magnets. So if you need to stop in the middle of a stitch or want to continue with your project another time, the needle will wait for you there and will not get lost!

I started using it recently and I wish I had one sooner! You can shop my handmade needle minder on the shop.


Embroidery stand

I do own one wooden embroidery stand that I have found a little hard to work with. I didn’t have any weight in the bottom part so everything kept moving and falling off, so I put some books to keep it from moving. The other downside was that it could fit only one embroidery hoop size and it was also that one hoop that was attached to it, so I can’t change hoops at all.

The good side is that it is easier to stitch like that, especially if you video yourself (like I do) and if you have neck pains (like I do). Life with bess which is a very cute small business that is also all about embroidery, has restocked her embroidery stands which she designed herself! They look beautiful and you can insert any embroidery hoop!

Snips and scissors

This is a must! If you are a beginners, small scissors will be the first thing you will need. It will make your work so much easier and they are adorable! In this category we have a two options- Snips which is usually chipper and also might break or bend sooner. Scissors that a little less fast than the snips but more reliant and there for cost a little more.


Printed fabrics

This one is a new item in my shop and not every embroidery designer offers it. If you are an advanced embroider and have lots of embroidery supplies at home you might want to buy a PDF pattern or printed fabric only to save money and use what you have at home. My Printed fabric is just like the one you receive in my kits, high quality linen fabric with the design already printed on it so it is ready to be stitched on and you don’t need to transfer the design.

This one is my favorite because I love to organize, I love to fold, clean, rearrange stuff in drawers and divide things by colors!! So thread organization is the best! you have the little thread organizer cards and you can write the number of the color on them and then put them inside a container or a cute wooden box. It is a great way to keep all the left over threads from your projects, and easier to find the shade you need for a future embroidery art project.


Here is a little video from my YouTube channel on how to organize threads! Please subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂

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