Diaper Change Mat Cover Sewing Tutorial

Hello everybody!

Today I’m sewing a cover for a diaper change mat, this will match the curtains I sew at the last post so you should also check out this tab curtains sewing tutorial. This cover will be washable and easy to take off the mat and change. You know how much it is important to have things that are washable and easy to use in this little cute age.

Before I began sewing this project I washed the fabric and iron it. The reason I did that is because cotton fabric usually shrink in the first wash, and since this one is going to be washed probably A LOT I wanted it to still fit the mat. So pre-shrink your fabric before sewing 🙂

Watch the video tutorial:

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What you will need:

  • 2-3 yards of cotton fabric (measure your diaper mat to know how much fabric you need, and double it because you need 2 sides)
  • thread
  • Scissors
  • Pen or chalk
  • Sewing machine/ serger/ overlock
How to sew diaper change mat cover
How to sew diaper change mat cover

Step 1: Trace and cut the top side

Place the fabric that you want for the top part on your work space, and lay the diaper change mat on top. Trace the outline of the shape using a pen or a chalk. You can either add seam allowance during this step or add the seam allowance ones you cut the fabric. Now cut the fabric. After you cut the top piece, fold it in half. Make sure both sides match together. If not, cut the little extra off.

Step 2: Trace and cut the bottom side

Now lay the folded top part on top of the fabric you want to use for the bottom. Trace and cut the same size BUT add 4 inches more to the straight side. That will create the envelope on the back so you could slide the mat in and out easily. Create another half for the bottom same way you did the first one. I’m going to finish the seam of the middle parts of the bottom pieces with my serger. If you don’t have a serger or an overlock (that’s the same thing) just hem half an inch with your sewing machine.

Step 3: Attach together and sew all around

Place the top piece, right side facing up. And lay over it the bottom pieces, right side facing down. It doesn’t matter which bottom part you lay down first. Pin them together, add few pins where the envelope open is so it will stay together during the sewing, take it out after you’re done. Sew all around with your serger or sewing machine. Take the pins out as you go. Now just flip the fabric right sides out and that’s it!! Really easy project for beginners 🙂 try it and send me a picture!

How to sew diaper change mat cover
How to sew diaper change mat cover
How to sew diaper change mat cover
How to sew diaper change mat cover
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