Fabric Storage Bins Sewing Tutorial

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I have another sewing tutorial today for you. As you I’m helping my friend with her nursery, so I’m doing some sewing project for a nursery like the tab curtains tutorial and the diaper change mat cover. This is another great sewing project for beginners! All you need a sewing machine and some fabric. I think this project took me about 30 minutes.

I love those fabric storage bins you see all over Pinterest, and it is perfect for a nursery because they are soft, washable and really customizable (see size chart after the video). The fun thing about those storage bins is that they are double sided. You can always switch the sides as you like.

Watch the video tutorial here:

What you will need:

  • Cotton fabric (light or heavy)
  • Interfacing (optional)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pen or chalk
  • ruler
  • Sewing machine
How to sew fabric storage bins
How to sew fabric storage bins

How to sew fabric storage bins step by step:

Step 1: Cut the fabric

Cut 2 pieces for the inside fabric, 2 pieces of the outside fabric and 2 pieces of interfacing. All the same size. The interfacing is optional, you don’t have to add that to make the storage bins, but it will make the fabric stiffer, so the bin will have more body, and will not fall down when it’s not filled with stuff. You can check out the size templet I made for you, it shows 3 sizes and what is the size of the end result. You can use that to help you make the perfect custom size for you.

  • To attach the interfacing, iron the glossy side to the wrong side of the fabric (optional)
storage bins size tamplet
storage bins size tamplet

Step 2: Sew together inside fabrics and outside fabrics

Now let’s attached both outside fabrics with their right sides facing each other. Sew 3 sides, leaving the top open. Don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and the end of the stitches. Do the same for the inside fabric pieces. * Tip for sewing the corners: Once you get to the corner, make sure your needle is inside the fabric and then lift the handle, change the fabric direction, move the handle back down and keep sewing!

Step 3: Flat corners to make depth

Take each piece and insert your hand to flat down the corners. Make sure the seam in each side match together. Using a ruler mark 2 inches from the point. Attach pins so it will not move while you are sewing. Do that to all corners. Sew along the line you marked. After you done sewing cut off the corner, about half an inch from the seam line. Do that to all corners.

How to sew fabric storage bins
How to sew fabric storage bins
How to sew fabric storage bins
How to sew fabric storage bins

Step 4: Attach sides together and sew the top

Flip the outside piece so the right side will face out. Insert the inside piece to the outside piece, match the seams in the sides together. Fold Half an inch in each fabric and pin them together, I like to use clips for that. Sew all the way around, make sure to back stitch in the beginning and the end. That’s it! This project is great for beginners, and you can make the bins in every size you want.

I hope you enjoyed the video tutorial and the instructions to make these storage baskets. If you want to see more sewing tutorials please let me know in the comments! And tag @tatasolstudio in Instagram if you try to make your own storage bins or any other project from my blog!

Thank you, and merry Christmas!


How to sew fabric storage bins
How to sew fabric storage bins
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