Family Portrait With Long And Short Stitch

Family Portrait With Long And Short Stitch

I am Noa Kaminsky from Israel, fine art student at bezalel academy. I have been practicing embroidery for a few years. I love painting with threads and capturing life with it.

When I embroidered this family portrait of a mother and her two children I felt like I am stitching up a memory. Embroidery is a timeless craft of many years and I feel that embroidering portraits captures a moment in time, because of the tactile nature of the threads it is more vivid for me that pictures

I am using long and short stich in my work. I try to imitate the direction of the shapes in real life by making curves with my threads and also many color shades. When I look at a picture I try to understand all the different colors and shades I can find, sometimes unconventional colors suits perfectly sitting one next to the other.

5 things to know about long and short stitch

1. First of all make your sketch detailed and accurate, it will make everything a lot easier because you will need to add a lot of shades and details to make this art  look alive.

2. The more curvy you make your embroidery the more realistic its going to look. Use short stiches to create flowy curves.

3. Make spaces between your stiches so you can add details and different colors of threads to make realistic shades.

4. Use as many shades as you can! It will make your color transition smoother.

5. Don't go over stitches you already made, try to keep the surface as one unified layer.


Thank you for reading along, I hope this will inspire you to give it a go and try to create your own family portrait for yourself. 

You can check out more of my designs and follow my creative journey on my Instagram account @noakami_


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