Faux ceramic vase DIY | OMFÅNG IKEA HACK

Faux ceramic vase DIY | OMFÅNG IKEA HACK

Hi guys, Noa here again and today I’m making a little ikea hack to complete my playroom transformation which you can see the full organize with me video link is here at the corner and also in the description box. So I am very much an orchid lady, I have 5 orchids that are under my loving care for almost 7 years! But I have always wanted to give them a proper home and today is the day!


At the last Ikea sale I grabbed 2 of these OMFÅNG plant pots, tried to get the stickers off but it was not going to peel away easily so I gave up. and I totally don't like the color so let’s give it a little makeover. 

So you will need a cup, a chopstick- or something to mix with, sponge, acrylic paint, and baking powder. I am mixing 2 shades of brown I had for too long and wanted to get rid of. And also I had to use a darker shade for the paint since the pots are very very blue. 

For about a quarter cup of paint I added 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Now start to mix and watch the magic happen.

Look at that foam! That’s so cool! And that is what is going to happen on the plant pot and that will give it the ceramic look. So now grab a sponge and start painting your vase. By the way, it will also work very well on glass vases. I painted all around and also a little bit at the bottom and the inner side of the pot so you really couldn't see the blue popping anywhere. 

I waited about 30 minutes and did a second coat. 

Let it dry completely for about 24 hours. After about 10-12 hours I turned it over so the bottom will dry completely as well. 


It turned out so cool! This technique is so easy and the result is beautiful! I Hope you liked this little tutorial and let me know in the comments if you tried it! Hit the like button on your way there and I will see you guys in the next video! bye!

Ikea products in this video:

IVAR shelf unit

OMFÅNG plant pots

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