DIY felt food toys

DIY felt food toys

Every once in a while I like to add some “non embroidery” projects here 🙂 and you guys LOVED the felt tomato slice I made for Adam on my Instagram stories. So I had to make a video… and I had to make a full sandwich and pasta.. and basil leaves. I just had to..

I wanted to make it simple this time, so I only used glue! so this tutorial is super easy all you need is felt, scissors and a lot of glue!

You can watch it here, and if it is the first time you here about my channel go check it out and please subscribe!

What you need for the project:

  • felt in various colors
  • all purpose glue
  • scissors (big and small)
  • dimensional acrylic paint (only for the tomatoes)
  • embroidery thread and needle (optional for the pasta)

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