How to fix cutting mat

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a quick video I made for you, to help you fix your cutting mat. I have a self-hilling cutting mat by OLFA which a great company for all craft and sewing tools, but every cutting still needs some help to stay great for long time. So if you have a warped cutting mat don’t throw it away just yet! Try this tutorial and I’m sure you will thank me later 🙂

Watch the video tutorial for fixing a cutting mat:

The first time I tried this method was 2 days after I bought my cutting mat. I left it for a few hours in the car, and since I’m living in Tel Aviv (Israel is a hot country), the mat bent and got a lot of lump and bumps. I was so upset… but I did a little search and came up with my cutting mat fixing method! The last time I needed to do this was a year ago! This technique will last for a long time.

fix my cutting mat tutorial
fix my cutting mat tutorial

4 steps to fix my cutting mat easily:

  1. Place a wet towel over your cutting mat.
  2. Using you iron press for a few seconds at a time on all the areas that needs attention. The steam from the wet towel help to heat the mat and change its shape. The process could take 15-20 minutes.
  3. Take your towel off and place heavy weight on it, like books.
  4. Leave it like that for 2 days. Than take the weight off and look at your straight cutting mat!
fix my cutting mat tutorial
fix my cutting mat tutorial- step 3

I hope it helped you! If you try this let me know 🙂

Enjoy creating new things,


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