Fringe Dress By Chalk and Notch Pattern Review

I’m so excited to announce that I’m starting a new YouTube series called “Noa Sew and Tell”!!! YASSS!! In this YouTube series I will try sewing patterns and let you guys know what I think about them. I will sew the pattern from start to finish, and review it from different aspects such as fabric, size, difficult level, instructions, sewing stages and more.. I hope to have a new episode every month, because I already have a new video every week at my YouTube channel so for now this will have to be a special monthly treat.

Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review
Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review

In this episode I review the Fringe dress and blouse pattern by Chalk and Notch. I really liked the design, and if you check #fringedresspattern on Instagram you will see it’s a big hit! So I wanted to try for myself. I sewed size 10 for myself but it ended up to be too big for me so I gave the as a gift to my friend (which you will see in the video!).

So first watch the video and then keep reading this post if you need more information and specifics. If you are not subscribed yet to my YouTube channel you should! Don’t miss a thing! Subscribe here:

Things I liked

  • In the PDF of the fringe dress pattern you can choose to print only your size!
  • In the corners of the pages you have small letters to help you match the pages.
  • There is also a fabric layout guide to help you use your fabric efficiently.
  • The pockets part is so easy.
  • Very professional and well written!
  • The smart PDF is so helpful!
  • Both view A and B are beautiful! Can’t wait to make a blouse too.

Things I missed:

  • It was hard for me to find the tricot fusible interfacing mention in the pattern. Then I got one and it melted when I tried to iron it. I ended up using a heavy cotton fusible interfacing but it worked great!
  • Maybe I didn’t read it well but according to the size chart I was supposed to be size 10 and it was too big for me.
  • The first part of the pattern, assemble the neckline, was very difficult for me and I wish it was more specific.
  • I wish it had optional instruction for serger or overlock.

Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review
Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review

How to mark darts

In the video I show you how I mark the front and back darts, it is a silly technique but if you don’t have a copy paper and a roller, this is a great saving. I line a ruler against the dart line, and then flip the fabric over. Then I mark the folded fabric with chalk. Of course, I do the other line of the dart the same way.

Bottom line

This pattern is great! Intermediate level, so don’t be afraid to try it. I used thin linen fabric that was a bit see through, so I added a lining skirt you can watch the tutorial here.

Hope this was helpful and let me now what do you think about this new series.


Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review
Fringe dress by chalk and notch pattrn review

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