crafty mom gifts under 30

Gift under 30$ for your crafty mom

Mother's day is around the corner and I'm here to help! If you are a crafty mom you would love to receive one of those gifts, so don't be shy and share it with your loved ones (wink wink) be sure that this year they are doing it right!

Here is the list for gifts under 30$ you will want to keep!

Floral mom embroidery pattern

This is special edition pattern just for mother's day! you can stitch it as a gift or get any kind of PDF pattern for your a crafty mom in your life. It is under 10$ and they will love to have it! Usually crafty mom's have a little craft store in their house anyway :) 

Handmade needle minder

Every crafty mom would appreciate a handmade gift, but if you are not so crafty yourself you can always get somebody else's handmade items. Needle minder is a great little gift under 14$ that is beautiful and practical. 

Wooden embroidery organizer box

This is such a beautiful gift with varies pricing option and it is full of little surprises inside. Whether it's a craft paper box or a wooden box, all of them have full set of embroidery supplies any crafty mom could use. After you see it you will want one for yourself!

Plants embroidery kit

Who doesn't like to stitch some cute little plants?! And it is a real treat to have all the materials ready and the pattern already printed on linen fabric! Man, that's the way to spoiled a real crafty mama.

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