embroidery gift wrap 2020

Gift Wrap You Can Embroider

Exciting news! We are now offering gift wraps so all your Christmas gifts will arrive in a stylish and eco friendly way.

We wrap our gifts with raw linen fabric in a special Japanese method called Furoshiki. We take a fabric square and then fold and tie it over the embroidery kit package. That way the fabric is not harmed and you can reuse it.

3 Ways to reuse fabric gift wrap

  1. Save it and use it again to wrap another gift.
  2. Use it to make a little sewing project.
  3. our favorite: embroider on it!

How to embroider on gift wrap

You can take the gift wrap and use it to embroider a new project. You will need an embroidery hoop, needle, and some threads which you can use from the kit you have been gifted.

Than trace a new design on the fabric. You can watch this tutorial on my YouTube channel or check out my IGTV tutorial.

Click here to explore all my PDF patterns, you can immediately download and get a beautiful design and full instructions on how to stitch it.

How to transfer embroidery pattern to fabric

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