Goals for 2021

Goals for 2021

You guys!! WHAT A YEAR!! 2020was so many things for me. some good and some stuck at home 🙂 I am so thankful for all the orders I have this year and it is amazing to know that people turn to my designs, and products I made, for comfort and relaxation. It is truly a beautiful thing. I believe embroidery has great healing powers, and it might sound silly or too spiritual but the action of stitching and doing something repetitive really helps to clear the mind and go into a meditative state of mind. And any time off screens is good for you, so there you go!

My goals for this year

1. more videos!

My first goal that I shared on my Instagram is to make more videos for my YouTube channel! In 2020 I uploaded 10 videos and this year I want to upload almost once a week so that’s 5 times what I uploaded last year. Yes, it is ambitious but it is one of things I really think will help my business grow- so wish me luck!

Best video of 2020

Here is my most viewed video of 2020, and it is actually a video I made on 2017!! So I would love to hear from you in the comments which videos would you like to see this year!


2. take care of myself

My second goal is to take better care of myself. I had a baby 16 months ago, and he is still at home with me. I do have the help of our parents but taking care of a house, a business and a baby is A LOT! So this year I want to think more about me 🙂 In a good way of course. I want to be more forgiving to my self, and also to eat more healthy and exercise regularly.

3. creative time

A business like my own include a lot of creative ideas and innovation, and that inspiration needs to come from somewhere! Some days I’m not inspired at all, and some days I have so many ideas I don’t think I will remember all of them the next day 🙂 So a dedicated time for creativity is a good practice for the mind. And on that note I want to issue new products this year as well! not just embroidery kits, but also new embroidery frames and embroidered products that doesn’t come in the regular circle hoop.

So that’s my goals for 2021, I do hope this year will bring us joy and happiness and good surprises!


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