How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery

Today I will share with you my process for choosing colors for any floral embroidery I make. It is NOT an easy task! So hard to choose the right combination and all the colors are just so beautiful!!! But I do get this question a lot from you and you know I am always here to help! So I gathered my best tips and also made a video for you. You’re welcome 🙂

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How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery
How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery

10 Tips For Choosing Color For Floral Embroidery

1. Stitch Leaves

I think it is easiest to start with the leaves, because they are all green 🙂 Pick 2-3 shades and try to spread those shades around the design. You can also use more then one method to stitch them and by that create an interesting texture.

2. Choose Flower Colors

After you are done with leaves, decide if you want to switch colors around the flowers or assign each kind of flower a specific color scheme. For example, all daisies will be yellow inside and Pink around it. And start stitching them.

3. Wait A Second

If it’s hard to decide now, start with one flower. Then look at the flowers of the same kind around it, if they are spread around the design evenly you can use the same color for all but if they are arranged together in the same spot you might want to switch colors a little but. For example, if you will stitch all daisy flowers Pink it will be too pinky on one spot.

4. Pro Tip!

I like to stitch all the daisies the same color for the stem and 2 color options for the petals and same goes to the anemone flower. So it will be colorful but will still have some organization in colors.

5. Stitch At Least Half

Now you don’t have to stitch all the flowers now but I recommend you will stitch at least half of the flowers before going to the branch leaves.

How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery
How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery

6. Add Volume

For the branch leaves I will keep the same color for all or 2 shades that are close In color like bright, like cream and mustard.

7. Finish Flowers

Now finish the flowers if you haven’t stitch them all yet.

8. Stitch The Extra Decoration

Add the small thin branches in the same color, I usually use the dark color.

9. Add Texture

Use different textures. You can do it with different stitches or with different thread count. For Example, stitch the little branches with dark color and a thin thread. you can separate it by pulling apart 2 strands from your thread.

10. Find The Balance

Last add the French knot and use them to balance the colors in the design, if you have an area that missing a little pink, stitch the French knots in that side with pink.

How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery
How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery