How to hang IKEA BEKVÄM shelf hack as kids books display

How to hang IKEA BEKVÄM shelf hack as kids books display

Hi guys, this is a follow up video to my latest organize with me video where I gave our playroom a little refresh, so you can go check it out first. But here my sweet husband and I made you a little tutorial on how to hang the BEKVÄM shelf as books display. 

I already assembled the shelves and decided at this stage to not paint them. I like the natural look and I can always take them down and paint them. 

Since I'm 7 months pregnant I asked my husband to help me and we started by deciding on the height of the low shelf first. We want our son to reach it but we also want to be able to add another shelf under it in the future or add a little basket over there so it shouldn't be too low. 

Then we leveled it and marked the top part of both sides.

Now we took the shelf down and marked the drilling holes. We used a ruler to measure the length from the top mark to the drilling hole. Do that to both sides of course. And then repeat the process for the top shelf. Make sure to leave enough space for the books that will be under the top shelf.

Now drill the holes! Our wall is made from concrete bricks so that’s how you are supposed to hang on that kind of wall, if your wall is made of drywall it’s a different story. 

Make sure you drill a hole in the same size as your wall plugs.

And keep your working space clean by vacuuming right after.

Use a hammer to get the wall plugs in but use it gently so you don’t break the plugs.

Now for the next step make sure that the screws you use have a small head size so it will fit the holes made in the shelf itself. Luckily we learned that the easy way since we had smaller ones at home. It is just for the size of the top part, not the width of the screw! You should use the same width size that will fit the plugs you just drilled and hammered in.

Then get the screws into the wall plugs and place the shelves. 

Make sure again it is leveled and be proud of yourself. 

Time to clean up and put everything back, and that is it! Hope you liked this little tutorial and let me know in the comments if you tried it! Hit the like button on your way there and I will see you guys in the next video! bye!

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