How To Sew Tab Curtains

Hi guys! Today I have a sewing project to share with you!

I sew tab curtains for my friends nursery room (the same one from my plan a project post!). It is a very easy sewing project for beginners, you only need a sewing machine, scissors and fabric 🙂 I will also show you how to use a serger for this project (also known as overlock machine) but it’s really not a must in this sewing project.

You can watch the video tutorial here:

What you will need:

  • Light cotton fabric for the curtains (measure your window and add 2-4 inches to each sides. This is the size you will need for this project)
  • Heavy cotton fabric for the tabs (about ½ yard)
  • thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen or a chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Serger (optional)
How to sew tab curtains
How to sew tab curtains

Start with your curtains fabric, serge and hem the sides and bottom of each piece. If you have a serger go all around the fabric and then fold ½ inch from the bottom and the sides and sew with your sewing machine. If you don’t have a serger just fold twice and sew along. I already had two leftovers from a previous curtains project, so they are already sewn in the bottom and sides. I just need to add the tabs.

Continue to the tabs! Fold the fabric at the size of your desired length. Measure the width of the tabs, leaving half an inch for seam allowance. Cut 5-10 tabs, depends on the size of your curtains. I did main 10 inch by 3.5 inch (5*3.5 inch when folded) and made 7 tabs for each curtain (my curtains width is 47 inches).

Now finish the seam of each piece using a serger and then fold the long sides and sew a hem using a sewing machine. If you don’t have a serger don’t worry about it! Just fold and sew along. Just do that to all the pieces of tabs.

After you finish with the tabs, fold ½ inch from the top side of the curtain fabric. You can iron the fold before the next step so it will be easier for you to add the tabs. Place the fabric on it wrong side up. Add the tabs in similar spaces (I did 4.5 inches between tabs) don’t be lazy, measure the fabric! Start with the first and the last tab. Secure with pins. And add the rest of the tabs. Sew all the way with your sewing machine. Go back and forth at the beginning and the end so your seam will not break. Take out the pins as you go. And you done!

Let me know if you liked this tutorial and if you would want to see more sewing tutorials in my blog. And if you tried this at home send me as picture! You can find me on Instagram @tatasolstudio or e-mail me

Thank you!


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