Luna Pants Made By Rae Pattern Review

Episode 2 of Noa sew and tell is here! And I’m really excited to share this one. On this episode, I review the Luna pants pattern by Made by Rae. If you not sure what I’m talking about you should check out this post of episode 1 where I review the fringe dress by chalk and notch. In general, Noa sew and tell is a YouTube series where I share and review sewing pattern.

Luna Pants By Made by Rae pattern review
Luna Pants By Made by Rae pattern review

Video review

Watch my video review of this pattern. If you are looking for a comfortable, loose fitting pants this pattern will be great for that. Perfect for a casual look, but it could also be a great PJ’s pants, depend of the fabric you use. So watch the video and then I will add more tips for this pattern.

Things I liked:

  • Easy to sew.
  • Few pieces to cut.
  • Quick sewing.
  • You can create a different look if you leave the cuffs loose.
  • Have pockets.
  • I think it will look good with different kinds of fabric as well.
  • Size chart is correct, I sewed size M and it was perfect.

Things I missed:

  • After chalk and notch’s smart PDF, I wish every pattern would have it.
  • I wish it had optional instruction for serger or overlock.
  • There was something confusing with the elastic band size, but maybe I just didn’t get it. Seemed too big to the waistband casing.

Tips for sewing with serger

Before you start sewing, serge around the legs parts leaving the top without a seam. Also serge around the pockets parts leaving the top without a seam. When you reach that step, Serge front facing and the back facing matching sides together and then serge them to the top of the pants.

Bottom line

Overall it is an easy pattern, fun to make, I love that it has pockets and I would like to try this pattern with linen fabric. And also with flannel to make comfy pajamas. Give this pattern a try, I would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you so much for watching (and reading)!


Luna Pants By Made by Rae pattern review
Luna Pants By Made by Rae pattern review

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