Making toys for my kids | DIY doll bed tutorial

Making toys for my kids | DIY doll bed tutorial

Hey guys! Today in making toys for my kids we are turning this hot mess to a beautiful bed for the dolls!

I received one of the dolls in this cardboard box and saved it for storage since we didn’t have a bed for the doll. But it is starting to look sad so I'm giving it a makeover and a new life.

before and after


Sewing video tutorial

You should defiantly watch this video I made for you, we have 2 parts, the bed cover and the blanket and pillow. It will help you understand this instructions and I will show you every step!


part 1 - Doll bed out of cardboard box

I started by measuring the box and added 1 cm to each side, so if the length is 40 cm I cut my fabric at 42 cm.

Final measurements for my fabric:

4 pieces of 42cm * 17cm

4 pieces of 21.5cm * 17cm

1 piece of 21.5cm * 41cm


Then I took out any loose staples and taped all the loose and torn sides to make it a little bit more steady.

Now I'm going to cut my fabric. I'm using leftover fabric from previous projects. You will need 4 pieces of the longer side, 4 pieces of the shorter side, and 1 piece for the base part in the middle of the bed. Here are all my pieces ready to go!

I'm going to take two pieces of each same side and sew them together at one of their longer edges. So I will have 4 pairs of 2 pieces from the same side attached at one of their longer edges.

I'm using a serger but a regular sewing machine will also do the trick. If you are using a sewing machine don’t forget to go back and forth at the beginning and the end so your stitch will be secured. 

Now this is what we have, 8 pairs attached at one longer edge. Making 4 new pieces. Let’s sew them together at their shorter edge. Will start this by taking one of the big ones and place over it, right sides together, the smaller pieces. Okay so let's go ahead and sew that first. So this is what we have now. Take the last big piece and sew it right sides together with shorter edges of what we just made, so they will all be connected together at the end.

We are going to attach the last piece which is the middle of the bed. it’s a bit tricky but you can do it :) I'm using clips here to make the pieces stay together as I'm preparing the next sewing stage, you can also use pins. I'm attaching each side of the middle part to the same one in length of the weird sleeve I made before. It is like we are creating a box, attaching each similar sized edge to one another. Then sew everything around. I sewed each side on its own but you can try to do it all in one stitch. 

Okay so this is basically done. I'm going to add legs using paper roll I saved from the recycling bin. I'm just using my hot glue pen for that.

Looks perfect, but I wanted to add something fun to it. I have a strip of natural colored pom poms and I'm sewing it to the bottom edge with my sewing machine. I fold the edge about 1 cm in and attach the pom pom strip to the wrong side, you can use pins to secure it. Then stitch all around.

Part 2 - Blanket and pillow


To make the pillow puffy, I'll insert a sponge inside. But that’s for later. Let’s cut the fabric first.

I'm using my sponge as a template for the pillow, adding about 3 cm all around. You will need 2 pieces of the same size for the pillow. (my white fabric was very sheer so i cut an extra piece of it).

And I cut 2 pieces for the blanket that were about the size of the box.

Pillow measurements:

2 pieces about 15cm * 10cm

Blanket measurements:

2 pieces about 35cm * 20 cm

Let's sew the blanket first, place the 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together. Then on the edge between the 2 pieces insert the pom poms and secure with pins. I have to say that using my serger for that was a huge mistake and you will see me later switching to my sewing machine. Also you can totally skip the pompoms and sew it as is. It is beautiful enough.

This is what it should look like and now do the other side as well. 

I'm using the serger to sew one of the 2 remine open sides. You can totally use just a sewing machine for all the steps and if you do so don't forget to go back and forth at the beginning and end to secure your stitches.

Now flip it inside out and we will close the last open side. To make it nice and pretty fold the edges about 1 cm inside, you can attach both sides with clips or pins so it will not move while you sew. Then sew a straight line with your sewing machine, don’t forget to go back and forth at the beginning and the end. I recommend moving your needle to the right side if it’s possible in your sewing machine, so you can sew close to the end. And I also added the same stitch on the other side so they will look similar. 

Remember our sponge pillow? It’s time to make it happen! 

Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together. And then sew the two longer sides together.

Okay, flip it inside out and we will close one of the 2 open sides and add pom poms as well, to match everything else :) so fold the edges about 1 cm inside, then insert the pom poms string between them and secure with pins. I'm going to sew it in my sewing machine which is so much better than using my serger, like I did in the blanket. Now insert the sponge and close the last opened side the same way. 

And we are done! This DIY was very fun to make and I'm so happy with the end result!

Thank you so much for watching and if you liked this video or tried to make it at home please let me know in the comments! and I will see you guys in the next video.


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