embroidery for christmas

Mini Embroidery For Christmas

Hi guys! Did you see the new embroidery kit for Christmas?! It is a set of 3 mini hoops with floral design and text that says merry Christmas. If you are looking for a regular size design for Christmas embroidery you can check out this embroidery kit I have in the shop.

I like this mini set because you can use it also for stocking gift, ornament for your tree or gift each of them to someone you like! People really appreciate handmade gifts.

Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas

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So I thought we can embroider this design together, so I made a video tutorial for you guys. And if you like it please subscribe to my channel so you could get updates each time I add a new video (which is usually once a week).


This kit include:

– 3 Wooden embroidery hoop 3″/ 8 cm diameter
– 3 Illustrated Linen fabrics
– 2 Embroidery needle
– Cotton threads
– Cover bag
– Illustrated stitch guide and instructions
– Video tutorials at my YouTube channel!!!

Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas

How much time this project will take?

Each mini design usually takes 1-2 hours to complete for an intermediate level.

Is it good for beginners?

It is absolutely great for beginners. You will get everything you need to start this project inside the kit including printed instruction. And did you watch the video tutorial above?!! I got you covered! And you can always contact me for questions. So if you are a beginner or have a crafty friend you want to make really happy this Christmas, you should defiantly give this kit a shot.

Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas

Can you wrap that as a gift?

Yes! We offer gift wrapping. You can just check the little box when you order the item and we will take care of it for you. You can even add a little note and we will hand write it for you.

Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas
Embroidery kit for Christmas

Which stitches used in this embroidery design?

Well. A lot. So it is a great way to learn different techniques in embroidery. I used split stitch for the letters but you can also use back stitch as I show in this video. I used back stitch for the branches and the pine cone. For the wreath I used running stitch and lazy daisy. And I used a special embroidery technique for the round rose flower. The holly leaves are stitched with back stitch. And I also used French knots for extra decoration.

Happy holidays!


Embroidery tutorial for Christmas
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