Modern Plants Embroidery Tutorial

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I’m happy to share this new embroidery design with you! I really love plants and my apartment is filled with plants! Big ones, small ones, succulents and ferns… you name it! You can see some of them in the How to Paint Abstract Wall Art post I posted few weeks ago. I’m a real plant lady 🙂 and with this inspiration in my own home, how could I not make urban plants designs. This is one of a plants embroidery collection I’m working on. You could mix and match them together, and enjoy more green at your home.

bench plants embroidery kit package
modern plant embroidery
modern plant embroidery

This embroidery design is available as a full embroidery kit and as a download PDF embroidery pattern. If you are a beginner I recommend the embroidery kit, you will get all the materials and tutorials so you can start easily. If you are looking for a new beautiful design to embroider and you already have the materials, or you want to do this pattern in the colors you already have I would recommend the PDF pattern (also comes with instructions).

So for this design I really looked around at my apartment and try to do some plants that people actually have at their home because I thought it would be more realistic and fun to embroider. I also wanted to use some new techniques to make this embroidery more interesting for you plus it is always fun to learn new things!

Modern plants embroidery tutorial

Modern plants embroidery tutorial

How to start embroidery

Start by applying your printed fabric to the embroidery hoop. Then think about the colors, and the combination of them together in the pattern. Don’t over think it! Just have the general color palate before you begin, I find it much easier to work that way.

You can start embroider in any steps you like, jump from one shape to the other, work on your embroidery a little at night, and some more over the weekend. It is absolutely self-paced, for new beginners it could take a couple of hours and for more experienced embroiderers it could take even less.

modern plant embroidery
modern plant embroidery

The stitch guide

With every embroidery pattern you will get a manual that includes instruction, basic embroidery stitch and a stitch guide. The Stitch guide includes the design numbered with its elements, and for every element you have a specific instruction of how to embroider that shape. Some of the stitches are really easy like running stitch, back stitch and satin stitch. You can check out my 6 Basic Embroidery Stitches for Beginners post to learn more about them. And some unique for that specific pattern like in this case. Buttonhole stitch, the pointed leaf technique, French knot and the basket (using back stitch).

Watch how I embroidered this modern plants embroidery in this video tutorial!

The Buttonhole stitch

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I want to share with you a special stitch from this pattern called the buttonhole stitch. I think it is very unique and add some magic to the design.

Start in the center cleavage of the heart, bring your needle up and then take it back down closely to the exit point but don’t pull it all the way! When the needle is half way in push it up so the point of the needle is popping from the heart outline. While the needle is popping out take your extra thread and move it below the needle- now you can pull your needle all the way up! Keep going like that around the shape.

modern plant embroidery
modern plant embroidery

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you make something beautiful with this pattern please tag me @tatasolstudio

If you have any questions feel free to contact me-

Love. Noa.

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