Organize with me playroom update 2022

Organize with me playroom update 2022

Hi everyone! Noa here with another organization video. This time I'm tackling the playroom, as you can see it’s not that bad but we did have a few things with no permanent place and you know this is the number one rule in organizing a space.

Also the tent area wasn’t giving us a good vibe and Adam stopped playing in there so I wanted to spice things up :) and give a little makeover. 

Watch the video tutorial!

Our playroom is a part of the open space living room and kitchen so it is very important to us it will be easy to organize and clean up, and of course still look good with the rest of the living room.

We do have a few more places in the house to store toys and books, like in Adam's bedroom of course and also our tv unit which you will see in a few moments. But as you can see all the areas needed a bit of cleaning up. 

Let's get started!

So first I decided to take the toys off the top shelf because Adam can't reach it anyway, and use it to display art and such. Since it’s the top shelf it is also the first thing you see when you enter our place so I felt like it will create the biggest impact.

I had a few frames that I wasn’t using so I thought a little gallery display would be nice. I knew I might need to buy a few more things here and there was an ikea sale just starting so I wanted to test out the frames and figure what I need to get.

Another change I made was to move the plant. Too many times it was almost knocked over by a child so it needed to move! Also I have 5 orchids that were stuck together on a stool, and not in a cute way so it was time to change that too. So I had a new free space for the plant. We do have a spacious living room but it is not big, and when you organize a small space you really need to think carefully on what you keep and get for that space.

Making a reading nook

Okay so I wanted to create a fun and welcoming reading nook so first I'm taking everything out and cleaning up with my dyson, even found a pacifier haha. I also trimmed the curtains. I was lazy when we got them when we moved in, we had a lot of projects in my defense!  So i used the iron tape instead of sewing and I totally regret that and want to fix that oh well, will see. 

Well I'm setting up the tent on floor level on the rug so it will be more comfortable to use. And using the big cushions to make a sitting area. I'll get more pillows on the Ikea sale :) 

Time to organize the shelves and all the books and toys. I do have to say that 90 percent of the books and toys you see here we got second hand from friends, it is quite a lot, and having them spread in different places is actually good for us, because then we have different areas to play and Adam can see them more clearly so it is less overwhelming. 

Anyway I moved the books to a different spot. I like to display his books when they are lying front facing and not on the side. I can definitely see that it is easier for him to find what he was looking for, or easier for him to choose. So I'll put here the books that he is too old for, or just tired of them so I can rotate them in a few weeks or months. We also have a secret door for small books, so I put them all together. I am going to get two little shelves from Ikea to display some books in the reading area but first let's finish with the toys!

I put all the puzzles together which turned out great because Adam really likes to pull them out one after the other and do all the puzzles every time. And also I don't have to see the ugly boxes in my living room. 

I have some containers to organize cars, animals, little people and finger puppets.

And I also have a special shelf for his art supplies that he can grab by himself. 

I moved some toys to the storage under our bed because I like to rotate toys every once in a while. For the kids it’s like playing with something new and they really don’t need so many toys anyway so that's a very good solution

I did find a better spot for the dolls in Adam's room and also I did an amazing makeover to that cardboard box! You can watch it on my channel, link down below. I also have a making toys for my kids series if you are interested to watch and try that out!

What I got on IKEA SALE!

So I'm back from ikea!!! And I got a sweet deal for these beautiful woven storage boxes. They are so beautiful and light and Adam is now 2.5 years old and Purim, which is the “Jewish Halloween” is around the corner so a costume box is a really good investment now. And I like that I have some hidden storage there. 

I also decided to put all the little wooden bricks and train stuff side by side so we have 2 baskets with the same play category if you will.


Ok so back to my gallery display on the top shelf. I found 2 simple wooden frames on sale at ikea, and also a very cute print for like 30 cents, so now I can complete my idea. I lay down all my frames and art and try to figure out what will look best. To save money and to be more green I always try to repurpose items that I already have, like some of the frames were given to me or were used in a different room but didn’t really work there. Some of the prints I got are new but on sale, there is a beautiful mess card that my husband got me and I really cherish what he wrote so I kept it for a few years now, also a drawing made by Adam which I love! I love to display his art! And when I quite lost and needed something less white I just took an old piece of fabric I had from a totally different project. 

Okay i'm giving you a little before and after but you will have to wait until I finish everything for the big reveal! 

Okay so I got these cute pillows at the sale as well! It’s a lot more inviting and comfortable to sit there while the kids are playing, very good investment for your back.

Another big change was these 2 spice racks I got at ikea to display some books. We do have a fair amount of books and you know I find the front facing display way more effective. So we made a separate video tutorial for you guys on how to hang these, link down below. 

And the last project was this amazing Ikea hack I did for the plant pots that I also got on the sale! You guys, I was on fire that day at Ikea :) I made a separate video tutorial for that too so to find out how I did it you will have to click on the link in the description box, but I will tell you there was baking powder involved.. What?! Yeah you heard me. 

Everything now has its place, looking good, and practical! I didn’t do everything in one day as you can see by my wardrobe changing but that is totally okay. Take your time, and don’t rush it if you have lot’s to do. A little bit here and there makes a big difference as you can see.

Thank you so much for following along, it will be lovely if you like this video or leave me a comment about which room you would like to see next. And of course subscribe to my channel to see all my videos and tutorials. And I will see you guys in the next video! bye!


Ikea products in this video:

  • INSVEP Storage box set
  • VARIERA box 
  • SUNNERSTA Container
  • IVAR shelf unit
  • TIPHEDE rug
  • SUNDVIK children’s chairs and table
  • FLISAT Wall storage
  • BEKVÄM Spice rack
  • FLISAT Book display
  • DUKTIG Play kitchen
  • HÖVLIG play tent
  • SVAMPMAL Cushion
  • KLUNKA Laundry bag
  • EKET Cabinet
  • HOVSTA frame
  • ALBRUNNA frame
  • TIBAST curtains 
  • BESTA unit
  • OMFÅNG plant pot
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