• Floral custom text kit with FULL video tutorial

    After having so much fun with the floral letters embroidery kits and patterns we started a few months ago to make custom name floral design! They a...
  • The pattern club

    I'm so thrilled to intrude you to something I've been  working on for the last months. The pattern club is a monthly subscription where you get a c...
  • Gift under 30$ for your crafty mom

    Mother's day is around the corner and I'm here to help! If you are a crafty mom you would love to receive one of those gifts, so don't be shy and share it with your loved ones (wink wink) be sure that this year they are doing it right!

    Here is the list for gifts under 30$ you will want to keep!

  • Family Portrait With Long And Short Stitch

    I am using long and short stich in my work. I try to imitate the direction of the shapes in real life by making curves with my threads and also many color shades. When I look at a picture I try to understand all the different colors and shades I can find, sometimes unconventional colors suits perfectly sitting one next to the other.

  • Best embroidery supplies 2021

    You guys know that I love embroidery, but I also stitch so much it is sometimes hard to keep up with all my projects! But whether you stitch for personal projects or own a small embroidery business, some embroidery gadgets could really help you to stitch more accurate and do it with ease.
  • 5 Things You Need To Know On Shoes Embroidery

    This project started like any other project. I had an idea, I gathered all the materials, drew a cute pattern and got to work. BUT so many things happened along the way that made me realize that stitching on shoes is hard! But know that I know all that, the next time will be super easy, so watch the video to learn from my mistakes. And if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel than you must! 
  • Goals for 2021

    You guys!! WHAT A YEAR!! 2020was so many things for me. some good and some stuck at home 🙂 I am so thankful for all the orders I have this year and it is amazing to know that people turn to my designs, and products I made, for comfort and relaxation. It is truly a beautiful thing. I believe embroidery has great healing powers, and it might sound silly or too spiritual but the action of stitching and doing something repetitive really helps to clear the mind and go into a meditative state of mind. And any time off screens is good for you, so there you go!
  • DIY felt food toys

    Every once in a while I like to add some “non embroidery” projects here 🙂 and you guys LOVED the felt tomato slice I made for Adam on my Instag...
  • Vintage Christmas car embroidery

    Last chance to shop 50% off post Christmas sale! shop sale now! This post is a little behind schedule but that’s life! I am posting this so...
  • Gift Wrap You Can Embroider

    Exciting news! We are now offering gift wraps so all your Christmas gifts will arrive in a stylish and eco friendly way. We wrap our gifts with raw...
  • How to hand embroider leaves

    In my new video I show you how to hand embroider 4 different kinds of leaves. You will learn how to stitch a fish bone leaf, how to create a leaf w...
  • How To Choose Thread Colors For Floral Embroidery

    Today I will share with you my process for choosing colors for any floral embroidery I make. It is NOT an easy task! So hard to choose the right co...