The story of tata sol

tata sol

tata sol is a small family business. We create embroidery kits and patterns from a home studio located in Tel Aviv, Israel. We make all the products handmade with love and care.


The business is named after my great- grandmother, Sol. She was a couture seamstress born in Istanbul Turkey in 1911. She was born in a small village 90km from Istanbul and after a couple of years moved with her family to the big city. There she went to elementary school for 6 years. After that she started to work for a local seamstress where she first learned to sew. Then she moved her way up to be a seamstress in a factory. She did very well there and became a couture seamstress for "La Sofiya".

She was interduce to Yitzchak, owner of a men's clothing factory. After a couple of dates they got married. She married at age 34 which was considered late for that time, but allowed her to make a career in something she loved and was good at.  

In 1949, while pregnant with her second child Meir, she did "Aliya" and moved to Israel with her husband and 3 years old daughter Fina, who is my grandmother. Their life changed dramatically and she stopped working to tend the house and children while her husband, who once owned a big clothing factory in Istanbul, is now a simple worker in a fabric factory in Israel. Their life was not easy, raising 2 small children in a new country with a small income. But she always kept thinking forward, saved money and helped her family get to better places in life.


Even though she never worked again, she didn't stop making special garments for her family. She sewed all her children's and grandchildren's clothing and also made my grandmother's wedding dress. tata is short for Savta, grandmother in Hebrew, and her grandkids, including me, called her tata sol.

She died when I was 4 years old but the stories about her kept living in our Shabbat dinners and little moments in life. I felt a great connection to her since I also share the same love for sewing, embroidery and other handicraft. 

I believe that her story represents feminism and how powerful women can be. Even though she ended up as a stay-at-home mom, she had a career, married out of love, moved her family to a different country for a better life, always putting her children first and pushing forward. She did build a legacy and I'm inspired and honored to try and keep that legacy going forward.



Hi, I'm Noa 

I’m Noa the owner, creator, designer and almost everything behind “tata sol”. For the last 6 years I have been creating and developing craft kits and other handmade goods, and I absolutely love it! I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me, making nail polish stands with my friends in 8th grade and organizing events through highschool for my scouts group. 

I was always drawn to embroidery and that is my main interest. I just love the connection between old and new, taking an old handcraft and giving it new life with modern patterns and designs. Embroidery is a special craft in my opinion because it holds healing powers and meditative qualities. 

My goal is to help others create for themselves and so I make all kinds of self teaching embroidery lessons which you can find on my YouTube channel to follow along with my embroidery kits, and PDF patterns.

I’m 31 years old, mom to Adam and wife to Chen. In my free time I like to DIY, sew, paint, read, cook, bake and do Pilates.

Welcome and thank you for letting me be a part of your creative journey.